Coleman Advisory, LLC

Cyber Security:

Coleman Advisory takes confidentiality and the safe keeping of your personal data very seriously.  The following illustrates the systems and procedures we have implemented to reduce our exposure to being compromised and protecting your personal data.

In the normal course of business, we interact with multiple online programs over the internet and in the cloud to be able to deliver our financial planning solutions, advice and services to you.   

Our firm uses several financial planning programs that are cloud based to deliver analysis, solutions and service. These programs include financial planning and risk assessment programs, proposal generation, trading, monitoring and performance reporting.

All of these programs meet the highest cyber security standards available today.  Additional information on the security protocols for each program is available upon request.

Although it may seem cumbersome at times, it is for your protection that I have implemented the following internal safeguards.    

Emails from our firm to you that contain sensitive personal information will be sent using encryption if possible. You will need to register with a password in order to view.

All computers and I-phones are password protected and locked when not in use. When in use and online, our computers use Microsoft's SQL Server 2019 to protect data housed on the computer against any intrusions, malware, spyware and viruses. The Microsoft SQL server 2019 provides multiple layers of security protection for data on our computer. Any data stored on our computer or in the Microsoft Cloud for business is encrypted at all times both in transit and at rest. 

Many documents and statements provided by you will be stored electronically in the Microsoft Cloud for Business. Paper documents will be returned to you or shredded when no longer needed. To the extent we have paper files, they will be locked in file cabinets when not in use. 

Your personal data will not be shared with anyone without your express written consent (CPA, Attorney, Insurance Agent etc.).

All verbal instructions for trades or distributions will be confirmed in writing via email or letter. 

Written requests for trades or distributons via email or letter must be confirmed by verbal confirmation. 

Voice mail instructions for trades or distributions will not be executed until verified.